Why CubeDash?

Pricing and customer service can be a nightmare with traditional freight companies. They work within fixed models and aren't equipped to manage the common issues shippers face such as LTL rates increasing, carrier capacity shrinking, poor communication, late deliveries, damages and carriers unable to meet customer's needs. At CubeDash, we utilize technology to reduce LTL costs and help shippers regain control of their logistics operations. Our solutions are customized to meet your needs, regardless of your company's size.

LTL Routes

Let our logistics consultants conduct a holistic analysis of your shipments. Our software uses an algorithm to create more efficient paths and reduce touch points. Use your current carriers or leverage ours to create routes best suited for you. With CubeDash, we help you gain control over your freight costs and turn your standard LTL routes into optimized routes.

Aggressive Nationwide Pricing

We provide an exclusive technology powered LTL service and a vast network of transportation partners from nationwide to regional, including Southern California to the Mid West & East Coast.


Customized Reporting

Better plan for your shipment arrival dates and make more informed business decisions with our customizable dashboard and intelligence platform.

Process Automation

Do you have 20 or more daily LTL orders that you need to quote and create BOLs for? Quoting and entering orders one by one is now a thing of the past. Our process automation software can connect to your shipping information and take the manual work out of quoting and entering orders.


Industry Experts

Tap into our logistics and customer service experts to help manage your company’s logistics program. They’re responsive, knowledgeable, and motivated to get your freight to destination safely and on time.

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